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“The first step toward change is awareness, the second is acceptance” quote Nathaniel Branden

Business challenges remain, now what?

We are not a team. Processes are slow. Employees complain, grumble, or leave. Efficiency and innovation are not forthcoming. We're going well, but we can do better. The merger is not as successful as hoped. How do I make my organisation future-proof? Why does the hybrid work not go smoothly?

A selection of the many questions and challenges that come your way as an organisation and stand in the way of success.

Culture as a point of attention for every leader

Company culture plays an important role in the success of your organisation. It influences job satisfaction, connection, innovation, development and thus productivity.

However, it also has a downside. If the culture does not work well and is therefore an impediment, things will stagnate and you will hardly achieve your goals, let alone the growth of your organisation and your people. Employees feel less motivated and involved. It is therefore important to have insight into your organisational culture.

Your corporate culture as a tipping point for change

Knowledge of your company culture provides clarity about the functioning of your organisation. Moreover, it helps you with changes.

Through insight and understanding of why things go the way they do, what the successes and points for attention are within your company, you also know what needs to be done differently. This gives room for change and thus making your organisation more successful. And wouldn't that be fantastic?

How do you make culture tangible?

You must now think culture is elusive, cannot be measured or grasped. Every organisation is unique. The essential difference lies in the behaviour of your employees. By observing, walking along, hearing, seeing, and feeling with an open mind, I get a picture of what is happening in your organisation. 

Which buttons do you have to turn?

I give feedback about what strikes me through open-minded and unbiased observation. The result certainly gives an 'oh yes, that's how it goes here' feeling. Undoubtedly, completely unexpected things will also come up. Things that are much more valuable and relevant to the desired change. Or situations that suddenly become clear or matters you certainly want to do something with. I link those insights to advice that helps taking the next step and make it a lot easier to implement (behavioural) changes. 

The only right action now

is to contact me for a no-obligation conversation about how we can gain clarity in your company culture, so that you are ready for the future and grow into an efficient, positive, and successful organisation.

Insight into your company culture helps with change and paves the way to a more successful organisation with inspired and motivated employees.

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